"Who's Got Your Back?" video

Think applying sunscreen to your own back is easy? In this video, a UV camera quickly reveals all the spots you can miss, underscoring the importance of asking friends or loved ones for help.

The back is the most common location for melanoma

This infographic explains why it’s so important to find someone who “has your back” when it comes to skin cancer prevention and detection.

How to apply sunscreen

Follow these tips on how to apply sunscreen in order to protect your skin against skin cancer and premature aging.

New therapies giving hope for patients with advanced melanoma

Cutting-edge treatments represent recent surge in research aimed at battling melanoma.

"Lawn" PSA video targets men over 50 to check their skin

"Lawn" is a 60-second PSA that uses humorous lawn care scenarios to encourage men to check their skin for skin cancer.

What is Melanoma Monday®?