SPOTme® in the community

In 2014, the Academy expanded its screening program thanks to a generous donation from Bristol-Myers Squibb. Through this generous gift, the Academy integrated its national skin cancer screening program with SPOTme®.

Through SPOTme®, our mission is to reduce the number of deaths from skin cancer in the United States by educating the public about skin cancer risk and providing free SPOTme® skin cancer screenings to catch skin cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages.

Below are the Academy’s community programs that are helping SPOTme® reach its goal.


SPOTme® with Latino Outreach
The AAD and the Ventanillas de Salud have partnered together on the Latino Outreach Program to bring awareness, education, and skin cancer screenings to an underserved population of Latino outdoor workers. Learn more.


SPOTme® with NFL teams
Thanks to the generous donation of Melanoma Exposed™ by Bristol-Myers Squibb, the AAD is now partnering with several NFL teams to raise skin cancer awareness, provide public education, and offer free skin cancer screenings to football fans. Learn more.


SPOTme® with Target
The Academy’s SPOTme® program partnered with Target stores to increase skin cancer awareness and provided free skin cancer screenings to customers at 37 store locations during the month of May for National Skin Cancer Awareness Month™. Learn more.

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Total persons screened through SPOTme®

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