About hair: Not just on your head

Did you know that your whole body is covered with hair? Well, almost your whole body. Your lips, the palms of your hands, and the bottom of your feet don't have hair on them. But just about everything else does, from your cheeks and fingers to your knees and toes, and, of course, your head.

Some of those hairs are so tiny and so light in color that they're really hard to see. On your cheeks, they're almost like peach fuzz. Hair on your arms and legs is a little easier to see and feel, and usually gets thicker as you get older. The longest and thickest hair of all is on your head.  

The hair on your body has some special jobs. It helps protect you and keep you warm. Your eyelashes keep dirt and dust out of your eyes. Your eyebrows also protect your eyes, and stop sweat from running into them.

Sometimes you can have problems with your hair or your scalp (the skin on your head) and you might need to talk to a doctor. It might sound kind of funny, but the best doctor to see for hair problems is a skin doctor (dermatologist). That's because hair grows out of your skin.

Look around and you'll notice that everybody's hair is different because there are so many combinations of hair types, colors, and styles. It can be short, long, curly, straight, thick, thin, blond, black, brown, or red. Most of those things are decided by the genes you get from your parents.

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