Freckles and sunburn (ages 8-10)

Good Skin Knowledge lesson plan

30 minutes


Students will be able to:

  • State what freckles are and what causes them
  • State what melanin is



  1. At the end of the Introduction to New Material, check for questions and/or clarifications.
  2. During Closing, review the poem as a class and ask questions to check for understanding.


8 min; Materials: My Freckles handout

  1. Hand out My Freckles poem to students.
  2. Read the poem energetically to students as they follow along or ask students to read different parts of the poem.
  3. After the reading is done, ask the students what they think the poem is about.
  4. Then ask students if they know where freckles come from. You can say there’s a hint in the poem.
  5. Explain that today they will be learning about why we get freckles.

Introduction to new material

15-20min; Materials: None.

  1. Explain:
  2. Check for questions/clarifications.

Guided practice



5-7 min; Materials: None

  1. Review the poem again and ask students, “So if you have freckles, where do they come from?”
  2. Ask, “What else can you get from the sun besides freckles? It’s almost the same thing, but instead of patches of freckles, you get an all-over color?”
  3. Ask, “When you see freckles on your skin or have a tan, what does that mean for your skin?”
  4. Ask, “What is melanin?”

Good Skin Knowledge lesson plans