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President's Message: Special election for removal of Board member Scott M. Dinehart, MD, FAAD

The American Academy of Dermatology and American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD/A) Board of Directors has voted unanimously to present the membership with a resolution to remove Scott M. Dinehart, MD, FAAD, from his position as a Board member of the AAD/A. The AAD/A also received a petition from concerned members calling for the removal of this Board member.

The Board believes that Dr. Dinehart violated his fiduciary duties to the AAD/A and its membership through his actions to incorporate and name himself the sole organizer of the newly-launched American Board of Dermatology Physician Assistants (ABDPA), an organization that intends to provide “board certification” to physician assistants who work in dermatology practices and meet certain requirements. The use of the words “American Board of Dermatology” in the ABDPA name is confusing to the general public and patients and threatens to undermine the value of the ABD certification held by AAD/A Fellows.

The Academy Board believes that the mission of the ABDPA is fundamentally inconsistent with our positions on scope of practice and truth in advertising. The ABDPA “certification” could mislead patients into thinking that physician assistants with this certification have training and experience equivalent to board-certified dermatologists and/or should be able to practice independently, without physician supervision.

The Board determined that these actions together disqualify Dr. Dinehart from continuing as a Board member for the AAD/A and warrant that he be removed from the Board of Directors. This special removal vote will begin shortly and your participation is critical. Voting will open on October 21 and close on October 29. Because this is an elected position, removal requires a two-thirds vote by at least 10% of the voting membership.

This issue has not been taken lightly, and we understand that it has been as concerning to members as it has for the Board. Since learning of the launch of ABDPA on October 8, the Board acted quickly and deliberately to discover the details of Dr. Dinehart’s ownership of the ABDPA and interview Dr. Dinehart to understand his position before making its decision.

This is a regrettable situation, and we hope to take swift action for the AAD/A and its members. Read the AAD/A’s original statement on this matter. Please vote when the ballot comes to your inbox and/or mailbox.


George J. Hruza, MD, FAAD
President, American Academy of Dermatology/Association