Melanoma: SLNB recommendations

  • Status of SLN is most important prognostic indicator for disease-specific survival in patients with primary cutaneous melanoma; impact of SLNB on overall survival remains unclear. 
  • SLNB is not recommended for patients with melanoma in situ or T1a melanoma.
  • SLNB should be considered in patients with melanoma >1 mm in tumor thickness.
  • In patients with T1b melanoma, 0.76-1.00 mm in tumor thickness, SLNB should be discussed; in T1b melanoma, with tumor thickness ≤0.75 mm, SLNB should generally not be considered, unless other adverse parameters in addition to ulceration or increased mitotic rate are present, such as angiolymphatic invasion, positive deep margin, or young age

Strength of Recommendations: B Level of Evidence: I,II,III

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