Share your experiences with delays or disruption to treatments

icon-take_actionrv.pngHave you experienced step therapy, prior authorization or non-medical switching and has it delayed you from accessing a necessary treatment? If so, then the AAD wants to hear from you. The AAD advocacy team is active all year long in advocating for patients to have access to effective and affordable treatments.

For example each legislative session several states consider step therapy, prior authorization or stable patient legislation and the state policy team needs your help to ensure the states adopt these bills. By writing about your own personal experience with delayed access to treatment below and sending it to the AAD, it will help us advocate for your respective state to enact this important legislation.

Also, please send us your contact information if you would be interested in testifying before your respective state legislature. It is important for State lawmakers to hear your stories!

Fill out the online form for below or mail your comments to:
The American Academy of Dermatology Association
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1445 New York Ave., NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005

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Drug you lost access to and/or would like to gain access to
Experience with drug coverage changes, Prior Authorization and/or step therapy
Note: If you would like information on the step therapy law in your respective state please contact the AADA state policy team at and