SPOT Skin Cancer™ Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in helping the American Academy of Dermatology encourage the public to check their skin and their partner’s skin for signs of skin cancer. View all the shareable resources from this year’s “Check Your Partner. Check Yourself.” campaign here, including the Academy’s new SPOTme® video and infographic. When detected early, skin cancer is highly treatable.

With your help, we can raise awareness and educate others about the importance of skin cancer prevention and early detection.

Here are three ways you can get involved on social media:

  1. Follow the Academy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube and retweet/share/repin our #SpotSkinCancer social media content throughout the month of May.

  2. Use our sample social media posts/tweets (below) or create your own to share important skin cancer information and encourage your followers to join the conversation about skin cancer prevention and detection.

  3. Take a SPOT Skin Cancer selfie. Download a SPOT Skin Cancer™ sign, take a photo with it, and share it on your social media accounts using the corresponding text. We will be sharing some of the photos we see on social media on the Academy’s social accounts throughout the month of May.


     Dr. Doris Day SPOT sign
    The five-year survival rate for melanoma when detected and treated in its early stages is 98%.

Sample Social Media Posts/Tweets

Download and share the Academy’s new "Check Your Partner” infographic.

View and share the AAD’s new SPOTme® video on social media.

  • Sample post: Research shows women are 9x more likely than men to notice melanoma on others. Help your partner #SpotSkinCancer