Dermatology Electronic Health Record Manual (dEHRm)

The Dermatology Electronic Health Record Manual (dEHRm) was developed in 2009 and revised in 2011 for dermatologists and practice staff as a guide through the EHR adoption process. This manual is a comprehensive toolkit designed to help assess practice needs and readiness to:

  • Adopt automated health information technology (HIT) systems.
  • Identify and assess the functionality you need in an EHR before approaching vendors.
  • Compare quotations and bids from vendors for EHRs.
  • Understand the level of effort and time required for implementation and training, as well as for support and maintenance.
It also highlights the benefits to your practice when you adopt an EHR, which include:

  • Earning federal incentives for making meaningful use of certified EHR technology.
  • Improving quality of care and patient safety.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Expediting billing, eliminating chart-pull and archiving costs, and reducing transcription costs.
  • Enabling participation in the federal government’s EHR Incentive and electronic prescribing programs.

Learn more about these and other benefits to your practice by downloading the dEHRm now

Tools to help you get started

As a flexible online resource, the dEHRm can be used in whole or in parts based on your practice needs. Refer to sections of interest as well as download and incorporate model tools (worksheets, tables and checklists) which will help document your progress through the entire EHR selection and implementation process.

Using the tabs below, choose which section or sections of the dEHRm you would like to view and download individual PDFs of each model tool.