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About 1% of dermatologists end up working in practices in the military. Although this is not the most common type of practice for dermatologists, you should be aware of key details regarding your employment contract.

About your employment contract: 8 Key details to know before you sign

The days of handshake agreements are long past. When you receive your first post-residency  job offer, you’ll almost certainly be presented with a contract. Before you sign, it’s critical to know some key components that will affect your compensation, work-life balance, and even future employment.

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Always have a professional employment attorney review your contract and explain its provisions to you. That said, here are 8 details to make sure you understand clearly before signing:

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PracticeLink: Careers in the Military

The classic TV show and film MASH has given us a distorted view of military doctors. First, it focused on surgeons drafted into a war zone. Second, it was both comedy and anti-war satire. Third, times change, and the military changes with it: The classic Mobile Army Surgical Hospital no longer exists, having been phased out in 2006 and replaced with a smaller, more efficient system of treating battlefield casualties. And finally, physicians are no longer drafted—physicians in the military want to be there. And many want to be there because it can be a unique situation for a rewarding long-term medical career.
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