Choosing a Dermatology Practice Model: A Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help discern viable practice models, business models, business pathways, employment arrangements, and alignment options.

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icon_about_p_toolkit.pngDermatologists, particularly those in solo and smaller group practices, must assess whether they can remain viable in the evolving environment, and if not, devise an approach to ensure long-term practice viability. It  is  important  to  understand  the  business and legal implications inherent with the decision to enter into any new financial arrangement. This toolkit is a starting point to help dermatologists as they work with their legal and business advisors to achieve their goals.

New in the toolkit: Employment arrangements


Employment agreements between a dermatologist and a medical practice are the cornerstone of their professional relationship. As an enforceable legal document, it should reflect the needs, expectations, risks and rewards of both the employed physician and the practice employer.