Group Practice Reporting Option

The Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) is designed so that a group (two or more providers) can submit PQRS data under a TIN instead of using individual NPIs. The advantage of using GPRO is being able to share eligible encounters for measures and measures among providers. In order to be eligible to submit for GPRO, the group must first register with CMS' Enterprise Portal (EIDM account). Applications may take CMS 24 hours to process.

2016 GPRO registration closes June 30. Register for GPRO at

If a group of providers select to be part of GPRO for the 2016 submission year, they cannot change to submit as individuals. The decision to report as a group can only be changed if it is before the June 30 deadline. 

Providers using GPRO can still be eligible for MAV if they are unable to meet nine measures across three domains. Providers will need at least one cross-cutting measure to be eligible.

Have the following information on hand before starting the registration steps below: 

  • All providers' individual NPIs
  • TIN
  • Method of PQRS submission: Qualified Registry
  • Providers' full name 

Four steps to register for GPRO

GPRO registration deadline: June 30

Step 1: Go to CMS' PV-PQRS Registration System. On the right side of the page, select "Login to CMS Secure Portal." 

Step 2: After accepting the terms and conditions, enter your EIDM user ID and password in the Welcome to CMS Enterprise Portal screen. Select "Log In" to continue. If you have not yet setup your EIDM account, select "New user registration."

Step 3: Select the PV-PQRS tab at the top of the page, and then select "Registration" from the dropdown menu. 

Step 4: The group practice(s) and EP(s) (if applicable) associated with your IACS account should be listed. To register a group practice for the first time, select the "Register" link to the right of the group practice you want to register.

Questions? Contact CMS at or (866) 288-8912.