Working with the media: What reporters want to know

When working with the media to obtain publicity for your screening, you will need to provide them with:

  • Dates, times and locations of screenings in your community (included in the pre-event news release).
  • Names and telephone numbers (with permission) of spokespersons available for interviews, including doctors, hospitals and participating facilities.
  • Accurate facts and figures about skin cancer, melanoma and self-examination.
  • Information about scheduled events, including mayoral proclamations and community presentations.

Immediately after your screening, there are opportunities to secure additional stories about skin cancer and melanoma by providing:

  • news release summarizing the results of your program.
  • Names and telephone numbers (with permission) of those who participated in the program.
  • Any important findings, i.e., the number of suspected melanomas or any human interest stories. Please adhere to HIPAA guidelines by getting permission from patients prior to sharing their stories.

The media prefer fresh and timely news, so this information must be provided as soon as possible after the screening.