Preparing to work with the media

It is important to invest some time identifying the right outlets and contacts for your media campaign.

Media lists

Begin by creating a media list, which is comprised of reporters, editors and producers who might be interested in covering a story you want to publicize. You will need a list of contacts at print and broadcast media outlets in your area who might be interested in news or feature stories about skin cancer detection and prevention and your screening program. To develop your media list, you can use your local telephone directory, the Internet or library reference books. The list should include:

  • Daily newspapers.
  • Weekly community newspapers.
  • Magazines.
  • Television stations including specific news, talk or community affairs programs.
  • Radio stations including specific news, talk or community affairs programs.

Call each of the media outlets on your list to obtain the names of the news editor, medical/ health reporter, feature reporter, public service director and any additional contacts who might be interested in stories about skin cancer and your screening.

Additional publications to consider for your media list are the employee or community newsletters published by area businesses, industries, schools and community groups. Call organizations in your area to determine appropriate newsletters and who to contact. Your local Chamber of Commerce may be able to provide additional information.

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