Contacting the media

Your next step is contacting the media to get them interested in your story. Access templates, fact sheets, and other resources to help you attract the attention of reporters.

Pitch letters and news releases

Pitch letters and news releases are simple and effective tools to generate media interest in a story on skin cancer and your screening program.

A pitch letter can be used to introduce a story or public service announcement about Melanoma Monday, the importance of skin cancer prevention and detection, and screenings. 

You can also announce your screening program to the media with a pre-event news release. After the screening, you also can distribute a news release that provides a summary of the results of your program. View templates to help you create pitch letters and news releases under the "Publicize your event" tab.

Fact sheets

Fact sheets provide brief background information and statistics on a subject. Fact sheets covering a range of topics relating to skin cancer prevention and detection are available on the AAD website.

Public service announcements

Public service announcements (PSAs) are brief messages of community interest. TV and radio stations donate the air-time for these announcements, and national/local newspapers and magazines print them based on the public service value and quality of the announcements. These announcements are distributed directly to radio, television, and print media outlets nationwide by the Academy’s Communications department.

Some stations prefer announcer-read scripts over pre-recorded messages. Download sample announcer-read 10- and 30-second PSA scripts for you to complete with information about your screening program.