Tips for writing a strong letter of support

The Academy’s Shade Structure Grant Program requires each grant application to be accompanied by a letter of recommendation written by an Academy member dermatologist. The letter of recommendation is an important piece of the application as it is read by the review committee that makes the final selection of grant recipients. The information you provide about the sun-safety initiatives undertaken by the school or organization and your involvement can provide valuable insight. 

These tips address the content of the letter, but the Academy has specific instructions for its submission. Review the instructions.

The Academy has developed the following tips to assist members with the development of letters of recommendation. Please note: these are only tips and are not required elements of a letter of support.

  • Describe the organization and the number of children and teenagers, including ages, gender, additional demographics, etc., who will be using the shaded location.
  • Describe the outdoor location to be shaded, how often it is used and the types of activities taking place there.
  • Describe any sun-safety program(s) you have initiated for the organization or any sun-safety program(s) in which you have participated at the organization.
    • Describe how this program benefits the members of the organization.
    • Describe your volunteer efforts with the organization as part of the sun-safety program.
  • Describe any future ways you will be working with the organization to promote sun safety.

Some sample language for your letter could include:

  • A shade structure would supplement the education that students and parents have received about the benefits of skin protection.
  • I have organized and distributed educational literature and materials to this school on an ongoing basis so that faculty and staff can develop a sun-safety program for students and parents.
  • I visit this school periodically to give a brief lecture on skin and the effects of the sun. I have observed faculty applying sunscreen to students before going outdoors.

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