Welcome to Society Insider


By Scott A.B Collins, MD

On behalf of the Academy and the State Society Development Task Force, I’d like to welcome you to the inaugural issue of Society Insider! As you know, state dermatology societies are a vital part of our specialty, and state society leaders play a critical role in determining the success of each state society.

Sharing our experiences with each other is a key part of strengthening our state society leadership community, and Society Insider will give us a valuable new way to do that. It is our hope that this newsletter will provide state society leaders with a forum to share our challenges and celebrate our successes.

In my experience, serving as a state society leader can be both incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging. As dermatologists, we received a significant amount of education and training to prepare us to practice dermatology, but few of us have had specific training to serve as leaders of our state societies. In order to address that need and better equip society leaders to maximize their time in office, the Academy’s State Society Development Task Force is working to develop new society development resources and tools.

In addition to developing new resources, the State Society Development Task Force is also available to help societies with structural and organizational issues, leadership development efforts, and strategic planning. The State Policy Committee is also available to help societies review legislation and regulation, draft comments, prepare talking points, and develop an advocacy action plan. I would encourage you to utilize the assistance of these groups as well as the other tools that have been made available to state societies. To access these resources, visit the Academy’s state society resources page.

We have already accomplished a tremendous amount on behalf of our specialty and successfully advocated for physicians and patients. I am excited to think about what we will be able to accomplish as new resources become available and as we work to build a unified community of state society leaders.

We want this newsletter to be a useful resource for you and your society’s leadership team, so we welcome your feedback. If you’re interested in sharing an initiative or project from your society or if you would like to recommend a topic, please let us know. Send your ideas and feedback to statesociety@aad.org.

Thank you for your contribution and commitment to your society, our leadership community, and our specialty. I look forward to our continued collaboration and hope you find Society Insider to be a valuable resource as you strive to make a difference in the lives of physicians and patients.

Dr. Collins is chair of the AADA’s State Society Development Task Force and a member of the Council on Government Affairs Health Policy and Practice. He’s currently practicing in Oregon, where he specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery and procedural dermatology.