JAAD introduces online virtual Journal Club

bruce_thiers_NEW.JPG By Bruce Thiers, MD
Editor, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

You’ve read the articles, you’ve followed the Facebook page, you’ve retweeted the most intriguing pictures…ever wished you could engage with JAAD authors on a deeper level? Have you ever wanted to discuss a recent article with other practicing dermatologists, talk through the newest surgical pearl, or debate the latest study on a controversial treatment?

The new JAAD Journal Club allows dermatologists to get answers and insights directly from study authors.

JAAD is introducing a new online Journal Club, a forum that will allow dermatologists from around the world to convene, parse through important JAAD articles, discuss the implications for patient care, and get answers and insights directly from study authors. The online JAAD Journal Club can be accessed on Elsevier’s Mendeley platform. (See directions below.)

The forum will post thought-provoking and engaging comments that you, the JAAD reader, are encouraged to analyze and use to enhance your knowledge base and clinical acumen. Every participant will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice his/her own thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

The Journal Club will bring pressing dermatology issues into focus and participants will collaborate to generate solutions to difficult clinical problems. The JAAD Journal Club aims to help clinicians translate the latest JAAD articles into practical applications for their practice.

For the first few months, discussion will be limited to the CME articles. Eventually we hope to include discussion of each monthly JAAD issue in its entirety. The JAAD online Journal Club will be launched with discussion of the January, February, and March, 2017 CME articles:

To participate:

  1. Make sure you are logged into Mendeley. If you do not have an account, sign up for a free account at www.mendeley.com.
  2. Go to the JAAD Journal Club.
  3. Click the “Join” button in the upper right of the web page; you are now a member of the group. (This may not be necessary if you have previously joined the group).
  4. Note that each article has a separate link for a discussion specific to that article. You will find those links on the main Journal Club group page you have just accessed. After clicking one of those links, you will have to “Join” each discussion individually (link at upper right of each article’s web page) but you do not need to log in again.
  5. You can now start posting thoughts and comments. Use “Share your thoughts” (at the top of the page) for new questions or “Write a comment” further down to respond to a previous post. Click “Post” or hit “Enter” on your keyboard to register your comment.

Questions? Please email us at jaad@aad.org.