Frustrated by regulatory burdens, denials and paperwork? Turn to the new Practice Management Center for help


McDonald-Michel.jpgBy Michel McDonald, MD
Chair, Council on Practice Management

In an era when we are being pressed for time, inundated by regulatory burdens, weighed down by paper work, and feeling frustrated because of the lack of time to interact with patents, I encourage AAD members to turn to the Academy’s new Practice Management Center for help.

The Practice Management Center is designed to simplify administrative burdens and ease your stress by providing practical, dermatology-specific tools and guidance in an array of practice management areas. These resources will help you and your practice thrive in the changing practice environment, and in turn, allow you to focus on providing the best patient care.

The Practice Management Center is a new member benefit designed to simplify administrative burdens and ease your stress by providing practical, dermatology-specific tools and guidance in an array of practice management areas.

The Practice Management Center:

  • Removes clutter and simplifies topics so that you have practical, easy to understand, actionable information.
  • Reduces the frustration and time you and your team spend on prior authorizations and medication denials with new Prior Authorization Assistance resources.
  • Illuminates practical solutions to dermatology practice-specific challenges with new search capabilities and interactive tools that give you answers based on your practice setting and specific needs.
  • Provides personalized assistance like the new member exclusive hotline (launching March 15) specifically for prior authorizations and medication denial issues, and topic-specific online community. Giving you the answers you need, when you need them!

Here are just a few features that make the center unique:

  • Determine how MIPs will impact your practice’s revenue with the new MIPS Financial Assessment Tool. For example, if you enter your current Medicare payments and planned MIPS participation pathway, you will find out if you need to do anything more to avoid penalties or qualify for a potential bonus.
  • Save time in your practice with access to prior authorization denial letters for the top drugs used in dermatology today. These letters are clinically-specific for each drug and are easy to send to insurers for faster approvals.
  • See if teledermatology might be right for you and your patients. With a state-by-state breakdown on regulations, and implementation resources, you can now find innovative ways to improve access for your patients.

Explore the new interactive tools in the Practice Management Center​

pre-authorization-drug-letters-spotlight-icon.pngPrior authorization letter generator
These letters, created by dermatologists, are fully customizable clinically specific for the top drugs used in dermatology today.

4.MIPs.pngMIPS and your bottomline
Find out how MIPS will impact your practice revenue.

MIPS-readiness-tool-MACRA.pngMIPS readiness assessment
Is your practice ready for MIPS? Assess your readiness now!
7a.QualityReporting.pngFind quality measures
Find dermatology-applicable measures to satisfy MIPS quality reporting requirements.
Telederm_map_thumb.pngWhat are telemedicine rules in your state?
Find out with this interactive map.

Much more on the horizon

The Academy has established the new Council on Practice Management to provide leadership, oversight and coordination in preparing dermatologists for the evolving practice environment through the development of dermatology-specific services and solutions to help dermatologists and their staff in any practice setting thrive personally and professionally at every career stage.

The Practice Management Center will reflect this mission, continuously developing new tools and content in key areas that matter most to dermatologists.

I encourage all AAD members to experience this new member benefit and return often to find new, valuable tools to reduce administrative burdens so you can focus on what matters most: your patients.