Help define the future of the specialty: Apply for role of Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

The Academy is seeking applications and nominations for the position of Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. The term begins March 2019. Members interested in serving the Academy in this position should have significant administrative and financial management experience. The position of Assistant Secretary-Treasurer requires a considerable time commitment. Applicants must be able to serve for six years: three years as Assistant Secretary-Treasurer and three additional years as Secretary-Treasurer.

Member to Member discussed the the position with the current Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Marta J. Van Beek, MD, MPH.

Member to Member: Why did you consider taking on the role of Assistant Secretary-Treasurer?

VanBeek_Marta_2016.pngDr. Van Beek: I had been involved on several committees with the Academy, and from that experience I felt very strongly that the Academy was defining the specialty. What the Academy accomplishes through advocacy and other efforts has a meaningful impact on the lives of all dermatologists and their patients. Because I feel so strongly that the Academy plays an essential role in shaping the specialty, I wanted to stay involved to help define and protect the specialty for the future.

MTM: What are your duties as the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer?

Dr. Van Beek: The AST is heavily involved in the Academy’s budgeting process, serving  on the Audit and Investment Committees as well as the entire budgetary process.   The Secretary Treasurer position has a tremendous  fiscal responsibility.  The 3 years of the AST term allows involvement in the budgetary process while also serving as “on the job training” for the role of the Secretary Treasurer.   The AST has the responsibility of overseeing the Academy’s relationships with industry as it relates to advertisements in publications I approve all advertisements and review all of the articles in Dermatology World to ensure there are no undisclosed conflicts or undue emphasis on one product over another. I serve on the Academy’s board and I serve as an ad hoc member of many committees.

I work very closely with Barbara Mathes, who is the Academy’s Secretary-Treasurer. I’ll assume the role of Sectretary-Treasuer in 2019, and I will help the new Assistant Secretary-Treasurer transition into their role.

MTM: Were there any surprises about the position of Assistant Secretary-Treasurer when you first assumed the role?

Dr. Van Beek: I had some limited experience with the budget process before I took on the position (as a former Chair of the Council on Government Affairs Health Policy and Practice), so I was fairly familiar with the fact that the AAD maintains a tight nexus between its priorities and budgetary process.    However, my exposure was to only one small portion of the budget.  The Academy has broad responsibilities in advocacy, patient care, advancing the specialty, and member education, so our budget reflects all of those priorities.   We have tremendous Academy staff and wonderful member volunteers who all help make this entire organization work.

MTM: Who would be a good candidate for the role of Assistant Secretary-Treasurer?

Dr. Van Beek: Someone who loves the work and feels passionate about the Academy’s mission. If you really want to influence the future of the Academy and have a strong voice in shaping the specialty, you should consider the position.

The position requires a considerable time commitment. At minimum, you’d have to devote 10 hours a week to your work in this role.

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