Engage with dermatologists worldwide in the JAAD Journal Club

JAAD has introduced a new online Journal Club, a forum that allows dermatologists from around the world to discuss the journal's articles. It’s designed to help clinicians translate the latest JAAD articles into practical applications for their practice. Currently, the discussion is limited to CME articles. Member to Member recently discussed the JAAD Journal Club with Tatyana Humphreys, MD, one of the first JAAD authors to participate in the club.

Member to Member: What’s the topic of your JAAD Journal Club discussion?

tanyahumphreysmd.jpgDr. Humphreys: The topic is the role of imaging in the management of nonmelanoma skin cancer, which was a CME article in the April issue of JAAD. I was one of the principle authors. My coauthors are fellow dermatologic surgeons and radiologists. The article discusses the clinical scenarios when radiologic studies can be helpful in the management of patients with aggressive nonmelanoma skin cancer.

The new JAAD Journal Club allows dermatologists to get answers and insights directly from study authors.

M2M: What are the benefits of opening up the article for discussion in the journal club?

Dr. Humphreys: It’s a great way to get people engaged in the topic. It’s a forum that allows dermatologists from around the world to convene, parse through the topic, discuss the implications for patient care, and get answers and insights.

As an author, it was valuable to get other people’s insights into our article. They raised questions that were important to us and the readership.

It opens up discussion that would not have otherwise taken place. This provides a rare opportunity for readers to have meaningful interaction with JAAD authors and ask questions first hand.

If you have issues or thoughts about a JAAD article that weren’t addressed, this is a great way to prompt additional discussion on the topic.

Join the discussion
The online JAAD Journal Club can be accessed on Elsevier’s Mendeley platform.

To participate:

  1. Login to Mendeley. If you do not have an account, sign up for a free account at www.mendeley.com.
  2. Go to the JAAD Journal Club.
  3. Click the “Join” button in the upper right of the web page; you are now a member of the group. (You only need to join the group once).
  4. Note that each article has a separate link for a discussion specific to that article. You will find those links on the main Journal Club group page you have just accessed. After clicking one of the links, you will have to “Join” each discussion individually (link at upper right of each article’s web page) but you do not need to login again.
  5. You can now start posting thoughts and comments. Use “Share your thoughts” (at the top of the page) for new questions or “Write a comment” further down to respond to a previous post. Click “Post” or hit “Enter” on your keyboard to register your comment.

Questions? Email us at jaad@aad.org.