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Q: As a dermpath/non-patient facing physician, could I even qualify for any incentive or an exceptional performance bonus if I reported 2 quality measures (there appear to only be two that apply to me 397 and 440) and one high weighted improvement activity for 90 days? This appears to be all that is required for the incentive, but I am not sure how the scoring and reweighting of all of the categories is going to work out.

It seems that my max score for quality measures would be 20 which would leave me very far from the 70 that is needed for an exceptional performance.

As a non-patient facing physician, do I still have the option to report for only 90 days? I'm seeing conflicting information online.

-Submitted by Julie Swick, MD

A: You would qualify for a small incentive (most likely 0.1% to 0.5%) but not the exceptional performance bonus if you reported 2 quality measures and 1 high weighted-improvement activity. You would not reach the 70 point threshold for the exceptional performance bonus.

If you do not see patients face-to-face, you can be exempt from the program depending on how you bill Medicare. The only criteria for exclusion from the program is that you have less than $30,000 in Medicare Part B allowed charges per year OR you see less than 100 Medicare Part B patients per year.

For additional information on MACRA and MIPS, please go to the Academy's MACRA Resource

-Answer provided by Rachna Chaudhari, AAD Senior Manager, Practice Management Resources

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