Are you ready to lead? Academy seeking nominees for 2018 election

The American Academy of Dermatology's Nominating Committee is accepting nominees for the 2018 Academy Election for Officers, Directors of the Board of Directors, and Nominating Committee Member Representatives. The deadline to submit a nomination is Oct. 1, 2017. Member to Member discussed the nomination process with Lawrence F. Eichenfield, MD, Chair of the Academy’s Ad Hoc Task Force on Governance.

Member to Member: What are the key qualities the committee is looking for in a nominee?

lawrence-eichenfield-md.jpgDr. Eichenfield: The Nominating Committee is looking for people who are interested in using their leadership skills to help guide the Academy to serve the interests of dermatology and dermatologists.

We want people who’ve had experience working with the Academy and have knowledge of the Academy’s mission. It helps if the nominee has some experience working on an Academy committee, council or task force.

In general, we’re looking for members who have a vision of how to strengthen the Academy and the specialty.

MTM: Can members self-nominate?

Dr. Eichenfield: As long as you’re an Academy member in good standing, you can either nominate yourself or be nominated by a fellow member.

The Academy has worked on making sure the nomination process is transparent. There is a candidate recruitment workgroup whose job is to encourage members to submit their name for consideration. There’s also a committee made up for former Academy presidents who encourage qualified members to become candidates.

If you’re wondering whether a board position is the right choice for you, the Academy will put you in touch with members in leadership positions to discuss the demands of the position.

MTM: What advice would you give to a first-time nominee hoping to secure a place on the ballot?

Dr. Eichenfield: If you don’t make it to the ballot, don’t be annoyed. Many current and former board members didn’t make it to the ballot on their first try. And many didn’t get elected the first time they were on the ballot.

The nominating committee has to balance a lot of different factors when choosing candidates. The committee tries to create a diverse slate of candidates so it’s not weighted in favor of any one demographic.

Feel comfortable reaching out to current and former board members to learn about the position. Make sure it’s really something you want to do before entering the process.

These leaders will help prepare you to be a strong candidate if you are selected for the ballot.

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