Use AAD resources for National Healthy Skin Month outreach

Carrie KovarikBy Carrie L. Kovarik, MD

We want our patients to have healthy skin all year round, and we’re always happy to provide them with skin care tips. November presents us with a special opportunity for skin care education: It’s National Healthy Skin Month, which means it’s a great time to teach the public about proper skin care and position dermatologists as skin care experts.

This November, I encourage you to make the most of National Healthy Skin Month by reaching out to your patients and your community. By sharing your expertise, you can help the public maintain healthy skin while also promoting your practice and your specialty.

The Academy offers a variety of resources that you can utilize in your National Healthy Skin Month outreach, including an infographic that presents basic skin care tips in an attractive, easy-to-read format. You can post this infographic on your practice website and social media channels, and encourage local media outlets to do the same.

Click on the image above to access National Healthy Skin Month patient education.

The Academy also has developed a series of customizable templates that you can personalize and distribute in your community. Visit the Media Relations Toolkit to download:

  • A news release featuring skin care tips for men, the theme of the Academy’s Video of the Month for November
  • A pitch letter to send to print and broadcast outlets with the infographic and news release, letting journalists know you’re available for interviews
  • Radio PSAs encouraging listeners to visit, along with a cover letter to present these PSAs to local stations
  • A letter offering to give an educational presentation and/or conduct a skin cancer screening for a local organization, business or school

These templates aren’t the only resources available in the Media Relations Toolkit. You also can visit this section of the Academy website for updates on the latest dermatology issues in the news, and links to a variety of background materials that can help you answer questions from patients and the media.

When you’re talking to patients or reporters, remember to direct them to, where they can find a wealth of information on skin, hair and nail health, as well as, where they can learn more about skin cancer prevention and detection.

This November, take advantage of the Academy’s National Healthy Skin Month resources to encourage proper skin care and promote your role in helping the public maintain healthy skin. If you have any questions, contact the Academy’s Communications Department at (847) 330-0230 or

Dr. Kovarik is an associate professor of dermatology, dermatopathology and infectious diseases at the University of Pennsylvania. She serves as deputy chair of the Academy’s Council on Communications.