How will MIPS impact your bottom line? Find out with AAD’s assessment tool


By Sabra Sullivan, MD, PhD
Chair, AADA’s Council on Government Affairs, Health Policy and Practice and the Congressional Policy Committee

Last week, CMS released its final rule implementing MACRA. This new payment system, which is being called the Quality Payment Program (QPP), offers physicians two tracks to participate: the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) or the Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs). In 2017, the vast majority of dermatologists who participate in QPP will follow the MIPS track.

While our analysis of this massive rule has just begun, it is evident that CMS has considered dermatology’s concerns and has made changes to what was initially proposed.

Our wins in the QPP thus far include:

  • A flexible start to the system, with no penalty for those meeting a low bar for participation in the first year;
  • An increased threshold to be considered exempt from the new system; and
  • A new dermatology-specific measure requiring that final pathology findings be communicated from the pathologist to the clinician for review within 7 business days from receipt of the tissue specimen by the pathologist.

How will MIPS impact your practice?

Now that we know the details of the final rule, it’s essential that you understand this new payment program and how it affects future payments and plans to report measures.

Click on the image above to access the AAD's new interactive MIPS assessment tool. Learn if you need to participate in MIPS in 2017 and how it will impact your revenue.

You can find a wealth of tools and information in the Academy’s MACRA Resource Center to help you prepare your practice for MIPS.

With the rollout of the final rule, the Academy launched an interactive assessment toolthat allows members to choose a MIPS implementation option and see how it will impact your bottom line. The tool will help you determine whether your practice needs to participate in MIPS in 2017, and how it will impact your revenue.

In addition, AAD MACRA resources include:
  • Pick your pathway and your pace. Information designed to help you pick the best MACRA pathway for your practice and determine the right pace to implement.
  • Tune in to our webinar on December 8. Practices can sign up now. The webinar includes an opportunity to ask questions of Academy staff about the new QPP. Those interested should register by December 5.
  • Submit your MACRA questions. If you have a question now about how MACRA will impact you and what you should do to prepare, submit it to the Academy’s MACRA Community and AAD staff will get you an answer.

You can also visit CMS’ Quality Payment Program website, which helps explain this new program.

AADA staff will continue analyzing the 2,398-page rule for a full understanding of its impact on practices and patients, and plan to submit additional comments during the request for information period. In the coming weeks, the Academy will have detailed resources for each of the four areas of MIPs and information about participation in APMs. Announcements will be made when these additional resources are available.