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M2MCommunity.pngQ: Is it your understanding that for a physician who simply wants to "TEST" in MIPS for 2017, the only thing he/she needs do is submit ONE quality measure and NOTHING ELSE? Do we do this through the AAD reporting site?

A: That is correct. If you submit one quality measure in 2017, you will avoid the 4% penalty in 2019. While you only need to report one quality measure, one time, the AAD strongly recommends practices report more than one measure or report at least one measure over a 90-day period as an insurance policy in the event of submission issues or inaccuracies. Failure to correctly report one measure or activity in 2017 will result in a 4% penalty applied in 2019.

If you are looking to simply avoid the penalty, you can report through the AAD's quality registry Data Derm at

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