ContextMedia:Health offers digital educational platforms at no cost to AAD members

This month, the Academy introduced its newest affinity partner, ContextMedia:Health, a leading provider of digital solutions at point of care. Through this partnership, ContextMedia:Health will share AAD’s patient education content via its waiting and exam room platforms. The partnership offers ContextMedia:Health’s suite of digital educational platforms to U.S. AAD members in practice at no cost, with the goal of delivering important educational content and digital resources to patients and physicians for use before and during the consultation. James O'Donoghue, MD, a current user of ContextMedia:Health, explains how he uses digital devices and services to educate patients at his Sarasota, Florida practice.

M2M: How do you use digital devices to educate your patients?

James_O-Donoghue.pngDr. O’Donoghue: The use of screens in my practice has been very successful over the years. I have a digital photo frame in every exam room. 

I like to intersperse educational and clinical information with family photos. It keeps patients engaged with the content.

M2M: This month, the Academy welcomed its newest affinity partner, ContextMedia:Health. You’ve been a customer of ContextMedia:Health for several months. How have you used their services in your practice?

ContextMedia:Health’s suite of digital education platforms is available to AAD’s US members in practice at no cost. Learn more.

Dr. O’Donoghue: It’s an important educational tool. In my waiting room, they’ve installed a flat screen TV offering updated news, weather, and information on medical advances. They also supplied wall-mounted screens in exam rooms that I use to provide information about treatment.

I can pull up a diagram and write on it with my fingertip, which is wonderful. I do Mohs surgery in my office; I’m able to display an image of the surgery on the screen and then actively educate my patient about it.

Or, if I see an interesting before and after result that might interest my patients, I can take a photo with my phone and reach out to my ContextMedia:Health account manager to request a customization to the screens.

I love technology and my patients are impressed with new technological advances. It shows them that I’m motivated to provide them with the latest education.

M2M: Through ContextMedia:Health’s new partnership with the Academy, they will be supplying dermatology-specific educational content through their point-of-care service. How do you think your patients will respond to this new content?

Dr. O’Donoghue: I think that it's wonderful news. Up until now, the news feed in my waiting room has featured general medical information. My patients will really appreciate seeing medical content specific to dermatology.

Learn how you can take advantage of ContextMedia:Health’s partnership with AAD.


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