New Camp Discovery video shows how camp changes lives

karen_wiss.pngBy Karen Wiss, MD

It’s difficult to explain to those who haven’t been to AAD’s Camp Discovery just how much this week means to campers and their families, and how they are changed by the experience. So when I learned a new Camp Discovery video was in the making I was delighted.

As one of the Medical Directors at Camp Liberty, the Camp Discovery site in Andover, Connecticut, I am continually astounded by the changes I see in our campers. First timers often come to Camp kind of withdrawn and nervous and by the end of the week they’ve made new friends and they’re happy. They’re dancing on the stage. They feel great about themselves, and they are accepted for who they are. That’s really the most rewarding part for me and what shines through in this video.

The range of skin diseases we see at Camp Discovery is pretty vast. Some kids have visible vascular or pigmented birthmarks. Others have conditions like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and epidermolysis bullosa that require them to put on medications or dressings. Or they might have alopecia. Many of them feel somewhat isolated. Camp is the one week of the year where they can relax in an environment of complete acceptance.

When you watch the video you’ll see the excitement on the kid’s faces and understand that for this one week they are more than their diseases. They’re excited to see old friends, meet new kids, play games, race, swim, and just be kids!

Dr. Wiss with a camper and counselor at Camp Discovery.
We often say we wish the whole world was like Camp Discovery because everyone is treated with respect and valued for who they are, and that’s the way the world should be.

I hope you will take a few minutes to watch the video and appreciate the many ways Camp Discovery is transforming lives.

The first week of Camp Discovery for this summer begins soon. If you would like to help send kids to Camp, donate now!

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