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van-voorhees-abby.jpgBy Abby Van Voorhees, MD

There’s something about a debate. Whether you watched the Republicans or the Democrats go toe-to-toe this spring or you’re waiting for the main event this fall, you’ve probably seen how sparks will fly when ideas compete. The beauty of these discussions is that viewers are left with a clearer idea of where candidates stand and why.

With so many issues up in the air in dermatology, we thought this was the perfect time for Dermatology World to hold a debate of its own. Terry Cronin Jr., MD, Karen Edison, MD, Shadi Kourosh, MD, MPH, and Alex Miller, MD, were brave enough to join me for a lively conversation. Among the topics we discussed:

Sad that the conventions are over? Get your fill with Dermatology World’s debate about the future of payment, practice, data, and more — and join the conversation!

  • The future of fee-for-service
  • Alternative payment models (APMs)
  • Shifts in drug pricing
  • Implementation of teledermatology
  • The role of data
  • The Sunshine Act
  • The future of ‘mom and pop’ dermatology

Check out the full debate, or catch some highlights. After you watch, tell us what you think! Post in the DW Debate community, or tweet your thoughts to @AADMember using the hashtag #DWDebate.

Dr. Van Voorhees is chair of the department of dermatology at Eastern Virginia Medical School. She has been Dermatology World’s physician editor since 2010.