Avoid penalties and reductions: Enroll in DataDerm™ today


 By Marta Van Beek, MD

In the next five years, it’s projected that dermatologists will face a loss of $2.3 billion due to penalties, payment reductions, reporting errors, and lost bonuses. To help minimize this financial risk and to help advance the specialty, the Academy is launching DataDerm, a robust clinical data registry that connects data on millions of patients from thousands of dermatologists nationwide, eases the pain of PQRS reporting, and allows you to simply demonstrate the quality of care you provide to payers, policy makers, and the medical community at large. At the same time, it gives you a private analysis of your practice’s personal data against national averages — down to the patient level.

What are key benefits of DataDerm™?

DataDerm — developed by dermatologists, for dermatologists — is an AAD member benefit. It is free to enroll, enter data, and analyze performance against national norms. If you report PQRS quality measures, you’ll need to purchase the PQRS Reporting Option in the AAD store. PQRS is replacing the QRS software previously offered by the AAD.


Some benefits include:

  • Demonstrate your quality: DataDerm provides easily accessible benchmark reports on 35 dermatology-specific or applicable quality measures that will allow you to drill down to the patient level for all your patients, not just Medicare patients, giving you a complete profile of care across your practice.

  • Cultivate an innovative culture: DataDerm will allow you to continually monitor patient care through powerful reports and dashboards, driving a deeper analysis of your practice and giving you the control to proactively provide the best quality possible.

  • Avoid penalties and reductions: By reporting the nine measures for PQRS submission by Jan. 31, 2016, you and your non-physician clinicians may avoid up to 6 percent penalties –2 percent of which is the PQRS payment reduction for 2017, and 2 to 4 percent of which is the value-based payment modifier (VBPM) reduction, depending on group size. By reporting your 2016 PQRS quality measures this year, you may avoid a payment reduction in 2018.

    Additionally, DataDerm participation will help practices avoid 7 percent in meaningful use penalties over the next two years. Learn how DataDerm can help you qualify for meaningful use measure 10.

  • Maintain streamlined integration: FIGmd, the country’s leading developer of clinical data registries, was selected as the AAD's DataDerm technology partner in part for their proven ability in providing outstanding white-glove service in facilitating the data merge of existing EHRs and paper-based practices into clinical data registries, providing users with easily-accessed, detailed reports about patients and the health of a practice.

The Academy’s use of your data

The AAD understands and echoes your concern for privacy and data integrity. DataDerm has been built using HIPAA-compliant technology designed to assure the privacy and security of the data it houses. As such:

  • The AAD will only use de-identified, aggregate data, and will not analyze, report, or sell patient- or provider-identifiable data.
  • Other dermatologists will not see your identifiable data, and you won’t see theirs.
  • Individual dermatologists will only have full access to their own data for their personal benefit.
  • Benchmarks are based on de-identified, aggregated data.

Questions? Find answers on aad.org

The Academy has created a new section on its website to help address your questions and to provide easy access to resources and support needed to make enrollment and implementation as seamless as possible.

DataDerm will launch at the 2016 Annual Academy Meeting in Washington, D.C. Members who enroll now will be able to start entering and collecting data at that time. I encourage all members to enroll before Feb. 29 to satisfy meaningful use measure 10, which will help you avoid paying 7 percent in penalties over two years.

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