Advisory Board calls for resolutions

By Robert Durst, MD

The Advisory Board (AB) convenes every year to deliberate on issues of importance to individual practitioners, and to bring proposed new policies to the Academy’s Board of Directors for consideration. If there is an issue of interest and/or concern, now is your opportunity to submit a resolution from which an official Academy position might arise. Even if you do not have experience drafting resolutions I encourage you to contact Academy staff or members of the Advisory Board Executive Committee with ideas and they will be able to guide you through the submission process.

To ensure full consideration, I encourage you to submit all resolutions by February 15th. The author and/or their AB representative must be present at the Reference Committee Hearing on Friday, March 4th, at 2:00 p.m. (EST) at the Academy’s 74th Annual Meeting in Washington DC, to introduce and discuss the resolution.

Even if you do not choose to submit a resolution we encourage all members to attend the Reference Committee Hearing on March 4th  to be a part of this influential debate. The full Advisory Board will vote on resolutions at the General Business Meeting on Sunday, March 6th.

Below are instructions for submitting a resolution:

Dr. Durst is a private practicing dermatologist in Topeka, Kan.  He has served on the Advisory Board for over 10 years and is currently the chair. Dr. Durst is a member of the AAD/A Board of Directors, the Organizational Structure Committee, and Council on Government Affairs, Health Policy and Practice.