Academy launches new website

barbara mathes By Barbara Mathes, MD, AAD Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

I'm delighted to announce the launch of the Academy's new website:!

The mission of the new website is to provide information and resources for members to support their careers, and public education that positively positions dermatologists as leaders in skin health.

Start exploring now and give us your feedback! Find the resources you need in our enhanced AAD Member section:

Over the next few months, we'll introduce you to many of the new, engaging features of  Here are just a few:







Home page showcases news, important content

The new home page features up-to-date, important news and information, allowing you easy access to essential content.










Mobile-friendly design

Access all the features and content of on ANY device!










Enhanced search and navigation features

Top navigation and enhanced search makes accessing content easier than ever before!




Member-exclusive content

Enjoy the perks of membership with preferred content you can only access with your member ID.