Academy launches CU app for physicians

tharp_michael.jpgBy Michael Tharp, MD

This week the Academy launched a chronic urticaria app to be used at the point of care to assist dermatologists, allergists/immunologists, and primary care providers with diagnosing and treating the disease.
CU app infographic
Highlights of the clinical care app include:

  • Diagnostic guides to help you differentiate the condition.
  • Considerations for evaluation and testing.
  • Recommended therapies and a detailed step-care treatment approach.
  • A reimbursement algorithm feature that includes ICD-10 coding.

The app is Web-based so you can use it in any browser, phone, or tablet.

Access the CU Web app

Free CU app for patients

In November, the Academy released its chronic hives patient app, which offers tools and resources for chronic hives management.

The free mobile app, developed with a grant from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., can help patients learn more about their condition, find a doctor, track their symptoms, and identify potential triggers. Users also can set reminders to keep track of their appointments and medications.

As dermatologists we know how frustrating this condition can be. By launching an app designed specifically for these patients, we hope we can help them improve their quality of life.

The Academy’s chronic hives patient app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Dr. Tharp is chair of the Chronic Urticaria Education Initiative Work Group, deputy chair of the Research Agenda Committee, and co-chair of the Pruritus Work Group.