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M2MCommunity.pngQ: As a solo provider, do we have to attest separately for each (MU, MACRA, and PQRS) or will it all be condensed into a single report we can submit through our EHR?

A: MU and PQRS will no longer be required after this year. Next year, MACRA will be required of which most dermatologists will participate in the MIPS program which has three components: quality, practice improvement activities and advancing care information (formerly meaningful use).

CMS has stated that EHRs and registries are allowed to submit data for all components (quality, practice improvement activities and advancing care information). You would have to check with your EHR vendor if they are planning on doing this in 2017. The Academy's registry, DataDerm, will be submitting the quality component and will count as a high-weighted practice improvement activity.

For more information, please see our resources at We are continuing to update our website with additional tools and resources to help members meet the MACRA requirements in 2017 and beyond.

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