Questions about MACRA? Ask an AAD expert

M2MCommunity.pngQ: Is it true that in 2017, for quality measures, providers will report on 50% of all patients (regardless of payer)? Unlike PQRS and previous programs, this means you will report on Medicare patients and commercial patients.

A: Yes, that is correct if you submit your quality measures via registry or EHR. If you submit via claims, you only perform the measure on 50% of Medicare Part B patients. However, CMS has decreased the number of measures you are required to report.

If you only want to avoid the 4% penalty in 2019, you can report one quality measure or one practice improvement activity or 5 advancing care information measures in 2017. If you want to receive a minimum incentive, you would report 2 quality measures or two practice improvement activities or 6 advancing care information measures. If you want to receive the maximum incentive, you would report 6 quality measures, one high-weighted or 2 medium-weighted practice improvement activities AND 5 advancing care information measures.

Please see our MIPS financial assessment tool to help you pick your pathway for participation at /advocacy/physician-payment/macra-implementation/financial-assessment-tool.