New opportunity for members to submit guideline and AUC topics

By Craig A. Elmets, MD

Academy clinical guidelines and appropriate use criteria (AUC) serve as decision-making and educational aids for clinical practice to support and improve quality dermatologic care. These evidence-based documents are also used as the framework for many other important activities such as quality reporting, maintenance of certification, advocacy efforts, and the  identification of research gaps. They can also provide valuable information in support of reimbursement decisions.

In order to ensure that these important resources are developed according to the needs and priorities of the organization and its members, it is necessary to periodically assess the topic queue for guideline and AUC development. 

To do this, the Clinical Guidelines and Appropriate Use Criteria Committees will be reaching out to councils, committees, and task forces within the Academy governance structure to solicit candidate topics for consideration. But we also want to hear about which topics you need.

In order to facilitate submission of topic areas for guidelines or AUC, a form has been developed to provide each committee with information related to criteria that will help prioritize candidate topics. These criteria include:

  • Degree of public health importance (high prevalence, significant morbidity).
  • Perceived or documented variation in practice patterns (impact on quality of care and patient safety).
  • Potential for performance measure and MOC module development.
  • Timeliness of topic for informing and improving provider decision making.
  • Availability and strength/quality of evidence to produce clinical recommendations/ratings.
  • Area addresses multiple aspects of dermatology practice scope.
  • Area in which increased dermatologic attention and involvement would be helpful for the specialty.
  • Relevant to Medicare and Medicaid programs or other insurers.
  • Availability of interventions with high societal or economic cost.

From now through August 11, the committees welcome topic submissions from membership.  

To submit your suggestions, please follow these steps:

  1. Select either the guidelines or AUC form — you may submit up to three topics in total.  
  2. Complete each field on the form to provide the committees with as much information as possible in support of the proposed topic.
  3. Send the completed form(s) to

Dr. Elmets is a professor and chairman of the department of dermatology at University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is also chair of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Clinical Guidelines Committee and a member of the AAD Council on Science and Research.

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