How can I get involved with community outreach?

Q: How can I get involved with community outreach?

A: The Academy offers a number of resources that can help you raise awareness in your community about dermatology and dermatologic conditions:

  • Media Relations Toolkit: This toolkit is designed to help you develop relationships with the media, stay up to date on the latest news in dermatology, and increase the visibility of the specialty.

    Whether you're a seasoned media pro or a beginner, this toolkit will help you respond to media inquiries, generate local media coverage, and implement public education activities that encourage healthy skin, hair, and nail habits.

    You also can learn about how to join the social media conversation about skin, hair, and nail health. The toolkit includes a number of FAQs about how to get started with social media, and how to connect with your patients and the Academy.

    For more information about media relations and social media, please email

  • Patient education resources on Learn about the many programs and resources available to AAD members who are looking to develop or expand their community and patient relations.

    You'll find free website content to share with your patients and learn how to provide free skin cancer screenings in your community. You'll also learn how you can refer patients to Camp Discovery, and how you can help a local organization apply for a shade structure grant.

    You also can recommend patient education topics that you would like the Academy to cover in the future by submitting your suggestions here.