Q&A addresses skin cancer education in your community

Q: I am doing some skin cancer education in my community.
Does the AAD offer any materials I can share?

A: Yes. The Academy’s SPOT Skin Cancer™ program offers a variety of materials to assist you in educating the public on skin cancer detection and prevention. You can find downloadable toolkits, educational PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and flyers on the website. Many of these materials will work with any audience, but information targeted to specific groups like kids, teens, or athletes is also included.

SPOT™ is very interested in hearing from members who are involved in volunteer activities related to skin cancer. If you would like to become a SPOT™ volunteer and we encourage you to Join SPOT™ to receive news and resources from the program.

We would also like your feedback on our educational resources. Please let us know what worked for you, or didn’t, and any ideas of other resources that would be useful in spreading SPOT Skin Cancer’s™ message at SpotSkinCancer@aad.org.

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