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By Dirk Elston, MD, AAD president

Welcome to the first issue of the Member to Member e-newsletter! I’m excited to begin serving my term as president with a brand-new publication I’m confident that you, my fellow members, will enjoy and embrace as a way to communicate with each other, as well as learn more about the resources and opportunities the Academy has to offer.

As the tagline states, this e-newsletter aims to be, “Your inside connection to the AAD.” But it’s not just the resources the Academy offers that make your membership valuable. What makes your membership invaluable is your contributions, and that of other members, which intermingle to create that grand intangible: Community. Enhancing our dermatology community is what Member to Member is all about.

You’ll receive this publication in your inbox twice a month, and I hope you’ll readily engage with all the great new content that will be coming your way. Not only are the articles planned for upcoming issues insightful, but I hope you’ll enjoy the more visual presentation as well. The new template is designed to provide you with unprecedented access to Academy activities.

Let’s work to engage our deeply valuable dermatology community. 

In addition to a slate of thought-provoking, peer-written articles, Member to Member also offers the following:

  • Photo of the week, which is a hand-picked image that represents an interesting viewpoint of an Academy activity. In this issue, we offer snapshots from the President’s Gala to highlight the fun members had while raising much-needed funds to support the Academy's humanitarian programs.  
  • Bulleted quick links to information about Academy programs, tools, and important topics to provide you with easy access to content on AAD.org without having to search.

I hope you’ll enjoy these new features, as well as the new format. As you’ll see in upcoming issues, we’re just getting started with what is sure to be an action-packed year. I’m honored and humbled to be your president, especially at a time when the winds of great change and uncertainty swirl around our specialty. Let’s get started on having that great, two-way conversation that is sure to make the more than 18,000 of us feel connected to something bigger than just talking shop. Let’s work to engage our deeply valuable dermatology community.

I hope you’ll join me by not only reading Member to Member, but by contributing as well. You can submit your article ideas to Editor Lisa Towers at members@aad.org. I also am just an email away at president@aad.org. Take advantage of this opportunity, especially if you haven’t been able to participate in AAD programs in the past. There’s no better time than right now, and no better way to get started with your contribution to the dermatology community than with Member to Member.

Dr. Elston is president of the American Academy of Dermatology and is director of the Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology in New York, N.Y.

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