Travel grants for international meetings bring new perspectives


By Allison A. Legler, MD
(written by AAD from phone interview)

Last fall I was awarded a travel grant from the AAD to attend the 2012 European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic. In the five days I attended, I met with dermatologists from countries around the world.

Some time ago, I did an observership in England, working with an Italian dermatopathologist along with other European professionals. The meeting in Prague gave me the chance to reconnect with those colleagues, some of whom I hope to collaborate with in the future.

I went to classes throughout the meeting, focusing mainly on laser and cosmetic talks. Some of the outstanding sessions I attended covered: Management of Children, Neutrophilic Dermatoses, Dermoscopy, Updates on Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation and Lasers, as well as a discussion on Laser Complications.

It offered a valuable opportunity to gather information on issues dermatologists in other countries experience. An open dialogue with colleagues allowed us to share various issues we’ve encountered with certain procedures—issues that aren’t necessarily published in the literature. This information allowed me to better counsel patients in my clinic when I returned to the United States.

I also learned about new creams for rosacea that should be available soon in the U.S.— brimonidine cream and oxymetazoline cream.
They’re currently available for other conditions, but they’re also useful for treating the redness associated with rosacea. Since attending the meeting, I’ve told patients about the new indications for these creams and it’s been encouraging for patients to know that they’ll soon have access to these treatments.

The program offering travel grants for international meetings is an excellent opportunity for dermatologists to gain valuable information first-hand from colleagues worldwide. The program is open to residents, fellows, and dermatologists who finished their residency within the last five years. To apply, first choose from the list of international meetings posted on the AAD website, and then get a letter from your program director stating that you’re in good standing. Finally, write a letter explaining why you’d like to attend the meeting.

Grant applications for the 2014 meeting are due by Sept. 30, 2013.

Dr. Legler is an associate clinical professor at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, and she also serves on AAD’s Poster Task Force Committee.

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