Q&A addresses meeting tweeting made easy

Q: I want to get involved with the Academy’s meetings Twitter feed. How do I set up a Twitter account and get started with tweeting?

A: Meeting tweeting made easy: Join and keep up to date!

By now, you’ve probably seen that the Academy Meeting News is on Twitter. @AADmtgs, the Academy’s Twitter handle, provides a steady stream of meeting updates, session coverage, promotional specials, fun meeting stats, and more. In case you’re not familiar, Twitter is a place to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of short messages (140-character limit). One of Twitter’s greatest assets is that it provides quick access to real-time information.

In addition to getting speedy updates about Academy meeting news and events, it’s also a platform to engage with the Academy and your colleagues. We encourage you to use the #aad13 hashtag when tweeting about Summer Academy Meeting. The purpose of a hashtag is to mark the subject of a tweet so that it can be indexed and accessed in other users’ feeds. This means that users who click on the #aad13 hashtag will be able to view all Summer Meeting-related tweets, regardless of who tweeted them.

The Meeting News Twitter feed will be easily accessible while on the go via the Summer Meeting mobile app, which will be available for download mid-July.

Getting started with Twitter is easier than you think

Don’t let “RT” and “#” and “@” scare you away! Despite how it might look, you don’t need to know another language to use Twitter. You simply need to know the basics. The first step is to visit Twitter.com and create an account. Then search for “@AADMtgs” and follow us to stay in the loop about Academy meetings. Be sure to follow other accounts of interest, such as news sources, journals, organizations, colleagues, etc. Once you’ve begun following a few accounts, let the tweeting commence.

Keep in mind that Twitter has a user-friendly Help Center that should answer any questions you may have. Go on and give it a try!

For full coverage of Summer Meeting 2013, be sure to visit the Academy’s Meeting News website.

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