Academy rolls out more resources to serve residents


By Brian R. Hinds, MD

The Academy has been steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the resident-in-training experience. The culmination of these efforts can be seen in several important new areas of the website, designed specifically for use by residents.

The AAD residents and fellows Web page offers comprehensive resources that you should bookmark and reference often, because it represents the central information hub for residents and fellows.

As a resident, you can avail yourself of many resources at the site, including free access to publications such as JAAD, Directions in Residency, Young Physician Focus, Member to Member, and several others.

Boards’ Fodder has consistently been chosen as one of the top resident study tools in dermatology.

You also have free access to educational products that offer current literature review with Dialogues in Dermatology and Derm Clips; and free access to practice management resources, including Dermatology World and Derm Coding Consult, which address knowledge gaps in transitioning from residency to practice.

The site provides regularly updated, comprehensive listings of resident scholarships, awards, and travel grants. Beyond those listed on the website, it is important to remember that other medical societies provide grants and scholarships as well.

Furthermore, the site has numerous peer-recommended resources with online and textbook publications. This year, there have been some exciting and popular developments with the online version of our resident flagship publication, Directions in Residency. The Directions archive includes PDF versions of the quarterly print publication and are filled with articles and study tools for residents, including “Race for the Case” and “Boards’ Fodder.”

In June, the complete Boards’ Fodder archive, 11 years’ worth of study material charts, were made available online as part of the expanding Directions online experience.

Boards’ Fodder has consistently been chosen as one of the top resident study tools in dermatology. Each chart has been created in its own PDF, available for you to save or print, with more than 40 study charts and counting. They include a broad range of study topics chosen and written by fellow residents. Additionally, Directions has added an additional exclusive, Web-only quarterly Boards’ Fodder. The first one, about nutritional deficiencies by Kristina Burke, MD, and Erin Adams, MD, is online now. In October, be on the lookout for another new exclusive Boards’ Fodder.

The AAD resident page, Directions online, the Boards’ Fodder archives, and other exclusive Web content are just some elements of the new, evolving content at Check them out today!

Brian Hinds, MD, is a fourth-year resident at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Division of Dermatology, and is the chair of the AAD Resident/Fellows Committee.

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