JAAD smartphone apps

JAAD is accessible for the iPhone and Android phones via publisher Elsevier’s HealthAdvance apps.

To download the app to your phone, search “HealthAdvance” within the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Once you have downloaded the app, select "Browse" at the bottom to locate JAAD among the variety of Elsevier journals included.

All users can access abstracts via the app, but to access the full spectrum of JAAD content, members must register and claim access on the JAAD.org website. To claim access, visit www.jaad.org/content/mobileaccessinstructions. Be sure to follow the instructions numbered 1 through 5.

Once you have claimed access, you will be able to:

  • Set the current issue of JAAD as the app startup screen. To do so, select "Options" from the top right of the JAAD screen.
  • View full-text articles, including abstracts, images, and charts.
  • Search within JAAD (or across all journals in the HealthAdvance catalog).
  • Bookmark articles.
  • E-mail Web links to yourself and colleagues.

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Where can I find the JAAD app?

The app can be found in either the iTunes App store (for the iPhone) or Google Play (formerly the Android Market). It’s best if you follow these links, respectively:

Why can’t I find the app under the journal name when I search?

Search engine optimization (SEO) limitations do not allow this. You will find it by searching for HealthAdvance or Elsevier. Using the direct links above is the best way to locate the JAAD app.

When I download the app, what content will I be able to access?

For you to enjoy the full capabilities of the new JAAD smartphone app, including full-text access and personalization features, you must log in with the user ID and password you received when you registered and claimed access JAAD website.

  • An unregistered guest user to JAAD has access to the JAAD TOC and more than 500 other journals.
  • A registered user without a subscription to JAAD has access to JAAD abstracts and those of more than 500 journals.
  • A registered subscriber with log-in credentials (a true JAAD subscriber/member) has access to all TOCs and abstracts, and has full-text access JAAD.

I’m a member of the AAD. How do I claim my smartphone app registration?

  • To claim access to the smartphone app, you first must have claimed your online subscription to be a REGISTERED USER.
  • If you’ve yet to claim your online subscription, you are a NEW USER. Go to www.jaad.org and click on "Register and Activate Your Subscription" in the banner at the top right. You will have to register if you are a NEW USER
  • As a NEW USER, enter your email (which will become your username) and click on Continue (next to Register a New Account). At the Register a New Account page, provide a password and the requested profile information. You can opt-in here to receive e-alerts about new issues. Select that you have read the terms of use and click "Register." On the confirmation page, you can click the link near the bottom of the page, “Claim access to full text articles.” You are now a REGISTERED USER.
  • As a REGISTERED USER (whether brand-new or existing), you can now claim your access. On the Claim Your Online Access page, click the option, “I receive my subscription through a society membership.” A sample print label will display along with instructions on where to find your account number. Then fill in your account number and last name. Click "Claim." 
  • On the Online Access Claimed page, click either the journal title link or finish link; both links will direct you to the journal home page. 
    • NOTE: Upon returning to www.jaad.org, you will only need to log in with your username (email) and password to access the full text online.

You are now ready to log in to your new JAAD smartphone app!