iPad app

To download the iPad app, go to the “Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology” in the iTunes store.

To access the full spectrum of JAAD content via the app, members must register and claim access on the JAAD.org website. To claim access, visit www.jaad.org/content/mobileaccessinstructions. Be sure to follow the instructions numbered 1 through 5.

Once you have claimed access, you will be able read abstracts and the full text of all articles from January 2011 to the present, as well as new online-first articles.

Other key features include the following:

Adjust text size

You have the option to enlarge or shrink the size of the text while you with in article using the “Smaller Text” and “Bigger Text” buttons. To find this feature, tap to enlarge the black toolbar that appears at the bottom of every page. The toolbar will expand from the left side of the page to the right. Then, tap on the “Content” icon. A window will pop up that has a blue “Bigger Text” button in the top right-hand side. Tap the button to enlarge the text to your liking. To reduce the text size, simply tap the “Smaller Text” button. The app maintains a user’s preferred font size throughout the current session and across sessions.

Bookmark articles

When viewing the full text of an article, you can bookmark it by tapping the star icon at the top right. When an article is bookmarked, the star turns orange. To view your bookmarks, tap on the content icon in the black toolbar at the bottom of the page.

Make notes

To make notes on an article, you must be in the full-text version of the piece. Highlight the text you want to annotate by holding your finger down on the selected text for a second. A blue box will appear around your selected text and you will have the option to copy the text or add notes. Tap on the black “Add Notes” feature and a yellow highlight will appear on your selected text. A “Highlighted text” box will pop up and will allow you to type your note in to the box. Tap the black “Save” button to retain your notation. To view the note that you have made, tap on the yellow highlight that says “Note.” Your note will appear in the pop-up box. You also can update your previous notes by typing the new information into the notes box and tapping the “Update” button. Tap “Cancel” to exit the notes function.

Email images

The app also allows you to email images by tapping the image you want to select. Once you tap on the image, a dialogue box will ask you if you want to email the image. Tap “Yes” and the app will automatically generate a new email for you with the requested image embedded in the email. Simply add the recipient’s email address, add any additional text, and tap “Send.”

Read articles offline

The app allows users to download content to their devices for offline reading, during which no wi-fi or data access is required.

Share articles

You can share articles of particular interest with colleagues via e-mail links, email pdfs, or posting to Facebook or Twitter. To share an article, click on the share icon in the upper right of the page next to the star bookmark icon. A drop down menu will appear offering you options to share via email and social media.

Provide feedback

Elsevier and the Academy welcome your feedback about the app. Tap on the “App info” icon and then select “Feedback” to enter your name, email address, and the message you would like to convey to staff.