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May 15

Support for IPAB repeal grows as AADA cautions impact on patients

  • With AADA urging, lawmakers add off-label provisions to "Cures" bill
  • AADA wants you for the new payment frontier
  • Future dermatology workforce faces myriad of changes; participate in 2015 Legislative Conference to shape your future

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May 1

AADA wants you for the new payment frontier

  • AADA supports physician prescribing authority
  • AADA supports telehealth legislation, pushes for “store-and-forward” provision
  • AADA supports physician-led care teams
  • AADA meets with FDA to urge dermatologist access to compounded medications

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April 17

Patient financial burdens addressed in new bill

  • AADA grassroots advocacy helps pass historic SGR, global codes bill
  • Requirements for biosimilar substitution key to protecting patient safety
  • AADA responds to FDA review of sunscreen ingredients
  • UHC suspends lab accreditation, secondary read requirements in Florida

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April 3

AADA rallies behind increased affordability in support of new bill

  • Tell your Senators: SGR status quo won’t do
  • HHS calls on providers to innovate for new payment models
  • Advocates joins in support of robust funding to speed biomedical discovery

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March 20

AADA briefs FTC on mounting burdens facing dermatology

  • Congress introduces bipartisan bill to end 13-year SGR rollercoaster
  • UHC dermatopathology pilot program undermines physician expertise
  • AADA calls for physician notification for biosimilars substitution
  • House doctors caucus fights to keep global codes

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March 6

Senate health effort must address treatment affordability

  • AADA urges CMS to adopt contingency plan for ICD-10 switch
  • Physicians unite in continued fight to repeal IPAB 
  • Guidance urged for data registries and research 
  • AADA moves aggressively to halt UnitedHealthcare restrictions for dermatopathology
  • Credential legislation cracks down on misleading advertising
  • Connecticut surgery definition helps patients understand risks
  • FDA adds dermatology drugs to bulk list for compounding

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February 20

AADA rallies physicians for network adequacy reforms

  • AADA cautions FTC: no one-size-fits-all solution for alternative payment
  • AADA praises “Cures” bill for restoring global codes, prioritizing patient access
  • ICD-10 challenges remain says AADA
  • AADA works to change modifier 25 policy in New Jersey
  • State bill raises concerns over patient safety for laser hair removal
  • Cancer coalition praises bill to restore NIH funding
  • AADA pushes for indoor tanning restriction in South Dakota

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February 6

AADA analysis of alternative payment models intensifies

  • AADA advocates for increased patient access to specialty drugs 
  • Momentum picks up for state tanning bed restrictions
  • AADA to Congress: Mandate EHR interoperability to improve quality reporting 
  • CMS acts to ease dermatologists’ concerns on EHR reporting requirements
  • AADA says biosmilar substitution decisions must involve physicians
  • AADA responds to truth in advertising proposal in Indiana
  • President asks for $1 billion increase for medical research

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January 23

AADA to Congress: Specialty residencies would ease physician shortage

  • House revisits permanent SGR repeal and offsets in two-day hearing
  • AADA advocates for strengthened network adequacy in Montana
  • AADA supports bill to ease EHR reporting burdens
  • TAKE ACTION: Call on Congress to support IPAB repeal legislation
  • Obama to prioritize precision medicine initiative

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January 9

AADA stresses continuity, access, cost as essential to improve health plan adequacy

  • AADA president takes member concerns on networks to key Congressional advisors
  • AADA advocacy retains national coverage determination for lasers
  • Comparative billing reports on modifier 59 to be issued this month
  • No more using campus cards for tanning says Congressional coalition
  • FDA panel gives green light for first biosimilar in the U.S.

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