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Steps to take in May

How is your implementation coming along? Double check to see if you are on target and/or need to adjust the plan based on your practice needs and external factors. Sign up for the Academy’s May webinar where you will learn the latest on ICD-10 at

  • For practices with EHRs/PMS: Assuming your practice has received the EHR/PMS upgrades, you should proceed to focus on internal testing and staff training as soon as possible. If not, find out from your vendor what is causing the delay. The quicker you obtain your ICD-10 upgrade, the more time you will have to ensure practice readiness for the Oct. 1 deadline. This may be a good time to standardize training for all members, including dermatologists, clinical staff, and administrative support staff. But remember that members of the practice team may move at varying speeds as they learn how to use the new diagnostic code set. An ICD-10 certified coder is an asset during this critical juncture; if your practice has one, make sure this team member serves as the point person for all ICD-10 technical questions.
  • For practices filing (non-electronic) paper claims: Once you obtain your ICD-10 reference materials, please encourage the entire practice team — including the dermatologist(s) — to start familiarizing themselves with this new coding system. It is advisable to have in-service training; schedule it when the work schedule permits. 
  • For practices using an outside billing company: Assuming there are regular meetings between the practice and the billing services company, where does the billing services company stand and what updates does it have from the clearinghouse and payers? How is the practice progressing with its in-house training and educational efforts? There are a number of resources available to help dermatology practices at