June implementation

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Steps to take in June

Learn the latest on ICD-10 by continuing to visit the Academy’s website. There are resources for the entire practice team. Practice coding batches of encounters using ICD-10-CM codes to ensure you are meeting the documentation, coding specificity expected by the coding system.

  • For practices with EHRs/PMS: If you’ve started getting ready for ICD-10, well done! Determine where you are in the implementation cycle. Depending on your progress, determine what else needs to be done either internally or externally — involving your clearinghouse, payers, and/or vendor(s). What are you hearing or not hearing from these key external stakeholders? If you haven’t heard anything, contact each of these business partners immediately because your success will depend on them. If the payers are offering ICD-10 claims testing, take advantage of it so the practice becomes comfortable with the process. Don’t forget to continue your practice team’s training and education sessions.
  • For practices filing (non-electronic) paper claims: Where are you in your ICD-10 compliance preparation efforts? If you’ve already obtained your reference materials, available through the Academy website, then you are moving down the right path. Now the entire practice can start practicing how to use ICD-10 and becoming familiar with this coding set. If you haven’t started, you are dangerously close to being left behind. Don’t delay. Obtain all training material to get the entire practice ready. Find out from your payers if there is any news on their paper claims processing policies. 
  • For practices using an outside billing company: Find out from your billing services company if they are taking advantage of testing mock ICD-10 mock claims with payers through the clearinghouse. By now, the billing company should be able to give a full progress report on its efforts, and identify what remains to be done before October. Equally important, the practice should continue to educate and train the entire practice team.