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Steps to take in July

With the deadline three months away, how is the practice progressing on its ICD-10 readiness? Take advantage of the Summer Academy Meeting in Chicago in early August by registering to attend relevant ICD-10 sessions. Sign up for the Academy’s ICD-10 webinar here.

  • For practices with EHRs/PMS: As you plan ahead, determine what else needs to be done regarding the internal practice team’s educational comfort level and external partners’ readiness. If you need to ramp up your readiness efforts, you may need to consider some extra downtime to help your staff increase its coding proficiency.
  • For practices filing (non-electronic) paper claims: What is your current readiness status? Based on your specific situation, determine what needs to be done both internally with education and training as well as what your payers are telling you about handling paper claims come Oct. 1.
  • For practices using an outside billing company: The billing company should keep you updated on its progress with payers and the clearinghouse. Share with your vendor(s) what you may be hearing from other sources. This is a team effort, and will require all parties' participation to deliver a successful transition. At this point, the practice should have a better comfort level with and understanding of the new code set. If some members of the practice team need more time to catch up, now is the time to help them.