August implementation

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Steps to take in August

Consider taking advantage of this relatively slow month by determining if a final round of educational training is needed for the practice team. Set aside some days to start training and identify changes in the workflow process. Apply and share what you learned at the Summer Academy Meeting.

  • For practices with EHRs/PMS: Learn the latest from your business partners — vendor(s), clearinghouse, and payers. At this point, the practice should start doing final training and software testing to make sure all educational deficits and technical gaps have been addressed in full.
  • For practices filing (non-electronic) paper claims: With the deadline fast approaching, it is advisable to check in with your payers to learn the latest about their policies for handling paper claims.
  • For practices using an outside billing company: With the clock running down, meet with your billing company to review progress and adjust any task in the implementation plan. The billing company should go over a final report of what the payers and clearinghouse have done in terms of testing and verifying claims transmission readiness. If further work needs to be done, don’t delay. If the practice is experiencing some downtime, use this opportunity to hold weekly meetings to determine staff progress with education and training.