April implementation

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Steps to take in April

If your practice hasn’t started, please begin your ICD-10 readiness assessment and implementation plan.
  • For practices with EHRs/PMS: Consult your software license agreement to see how upgrades are handled. Contact your respective vendor(s) to determine when to expect your upgrade and how much it will cost. If you haven’t heard back from your vendor(s), contact them again until your situation is clarified and resolved.
  • For practices filing (non-electronic) paper claims: You must still get started on this critical transition. The Academy offers a coding manual, a crosswalk, and webinars/webcasts that can help.

The approved and revised CMS 1500 version 02/12 is available and will be required for all claim submissions effective April 1, 2014. Obtain a copy to submit your claims (see sample).

  • For practices using an outside billing company: A two-prong approach is recommended. First, work with your business associate (billing services company) to make sure it is getting ready to meet the ICD-10 deadline. The billing company should be your point of contact when dealing with your clearinghouse and payers. A best practice would be to have regular meetings with the billing company so everyone is on the same page, using a common implementation plan to prepare. Second, start educating and training the entire practice team so everyone is familiar and comfortable with the new code set. Continuous training will be required.